Nature lantern

Nature lantern

Lantern Making

Don't be left lantern-less! Artists from the Secret Lantern Society will help you make your own beautiful lantern. All materials are provided and participants are encouraged to bring pressed leaves and flowers or other decorative elements. Price is per lantern so parent & child can create one lantern together. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Lantern Making Workshops take place at both Roundhouse Community Centre and False Creek Community Centre. Workshops are scheduled Dec 10 - 18 as well as on Solstice Night, Dec 21.

NoteTo avoid disappointment, please ensure registration is completed 24 hours in advance of workshop schedule. Workshops may be cancelled 24 hours in advance due to insufficient registration.

Globe lantern for sale, $15

Globe lantern for sale, $15

Gift Lanterns for Sale

Beautiful lanterns made by Secret Lantern Society artists are available for purchase at the front desk of the Roundhouse and False Creek Community Centres throughout December. You can purchase a lantern and join us on a special night to celebrate and illuminate the darkest night of the year. $15 each (includes carrying stick). 


Stay tuned for workshop secrets revealed in October 2017.

Lantern Workshops

ginko globe lantern

Globe Lantern

Made on a balloon, very simple and fun. 


star lantern

Star Lantern

Bamboo frame; can be completed in approximately 4 hours. 


nature lantern

Nature Lantern

Create a lantern using organic materials such as plant stalks, pressed flower petals and leaves. Materials provided, but feel free to bring your own. Can be made in 2-4 hours. 


pin-prick owl lantern

Pin-prick Lantern

These easy-to-make lanterns are great for smaller kids. 


Workshop Locations

Roundhouse Community Centre - 181 Roundhouse Mews, 604-713-1800

False Creek Community Centre - 1318 Cartwright St., 604-257-8195

Strathcona Community Centre - 601 Keefer St., 604-713-1838